Friday, September 7, 2012

Elite Fashion??? Boys & Their Nike Socks

Did it become cool for 13-18 year old boys to go to the bingo hall with their grandfathers?
Just like Grandpa (source)
Was Nike losing so much money from the barefoot running trend that they were desperate and decided to throw a Hail Mary saying,

           "You know what?  Shoes are out.  Socks are in!  Even better, socks with sandals are in!"
Was this photo taken as a joke but teenage boys didn't realize it?

Guess how much the Nike geniuses are making off of these.  Seriously, guess. Ready? $14-$15. I guess when you figure in the features of these socks (dri-fit, arch support, cushioned heel, left/right specific), it's worth it...

No, I can't talk myself into it.  The boys wearing these aren't doing it because of the arch support.  They just think they're cool they have reached maximum swag.

I bet it surprised parents everywhere when their boys started asking to go sock shopping.

Each day at school this week, I've been laughing inside a little as the students walk around in them each day. You know their parents did NOT spend $75 in socks so they could have a fresh pair each day.  I bet they're telling their friends they wash them each night when they're really just dousing them with Axe.

 I'm so much older than I thought because this is more along the lines of my thinking:
I really wish I knew where this was.

Will there be short shorts to go with the long socks next again? 
They're baaack!


  1. Haha. My son's problem is that he can't keep socks very long without him getting a hole in them somehow. I'm not sure what he does to his socks but they always have holes.

    1. Funny, supposedly these will help with that...? I had a student tell me that today.

  2. OMG this is too funny, wonder if my little guy will be into that fashion when he gets older. Stopping by from SITS SHAREFEST. Have a great weekend.

  3. I'm sure our boys will try something equally as funny for us to secretly laugh at when they're older! Thanks for stopping by!