I try stuff.  Sometimes it works out well.  Those will probably be the things I’ll share with you.  ;) Welcome to the creative outlet for this wife, mom, teacher, crafty diy-er, fitness instructor, rule-follower, penny-pincher, and lover of a bullet format.  I’m a 30-something all of those things and maybe a few more I forgot.  I’m new at blogging, but now I’m here and hopefully staying… 

Thanks for stopping by! Wanna stay for coffee? Oh, wine instead?  Okay. 
Be nice while you’re here, or the teacher in me may make you call your mom…

So you clicked on this page because you thought you’d find out more?  Here ya go:

  • I’ve now been with my man for half of my life.   He really is pretty awesome and we’re blessed to have found each other so early in life. :) Now he’s my #1 contractor on all of my big DIY projects… it’s not his line of work, just part of the package!
  • We have two wonderfully crazy boys, ages 4 and 7.  Depending on the day, they sometimes hide how wonderful they are choosing to showcase the crazy.  ;)
  • I teach middle school. (I know. I’ve seen that look on your face before.)  Here’s the thing, I like them.  I’ve taught 8th grade for almost 10 years now.  The first three years I taught English and then I jumped ship to the social studies side of things.  I love it there.
  • Crafts are fun.  Sure that sentence sounds nerdy, but I’m not afraid of that. (I revel in my nerdyness. I don’t even care if spell check doesn’t like it.)    The trendy term is DIY.  I do that.  A friend and I used to make soap and sell it at craft shows.  Now, I do a few projects throughout the year and really have fun during my summers.
  • Fitness instructor?  Yep, I don’t work out every day… I’d like to say I do, but I don’t lie. I teach Spinning classes once a week and occasionally teach yoga.  I’d love to be able to do more, but until days are more than 24 hours long or I stop wanting to see my family (I’d say each of those situations has the same chance of occurring), it’ll stay that way!
  • Oh, I’m cheap.  I’m not even offended by the term.  Some call it thrifty, frugal, etc.  It all comes down to not wanting to spend more of your hard earned money than you have to.  I clip coupons and shop Craigslist and Goodwill for bargains.  I’ve been known to walk out of Goodwill without something because it was overpriced- more.than.once. My friends, and even my husband and mom, make fun of it and I’m also okay with that.

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