Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dream Big, But Not Too Big: Kids vs. Parents Tree House Ideas

You know how you encourage your kids to dream big and reach for the stars?  Be careful with that.

Here are my sons’ ideas for a back yard tree house:

or like this

 Here’s what my husband was planning:

We recently took our rickety 5 year old play set down.  (5 years and it’s done… like a washed up toddler with a tiara.)  It took a solid weekend to build that thing and all of two hours to erase its existence from the yard.  It just doesn’t seem fair…  We saved the lumber from it and right now it’s all sitting in a too large scrap lumber pile in our back yard.  

We’ll see whose ideas win out on this one.  I’m hoping for a combination of the two, even though seeing the boys’ ideas come to fruition would be incredibly awesome.  However, if the Toys R Us set took a solid Friday night through Sunday night to build, their specifications for the new tree house would probably take until their college years.  We probably shouldn’t have read Swiss Family Robinson or shown them the movie before doing this…  

Please wish us luck…