Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Full Fall

This fall is busy for my family and me.  In fact, I haven't had time to do a proper post this week.   So, here's a preview of what's cookin' in the blog part of my brain and what you can check in for soon... I hope.

Let's do a bullet format, shall we?  Of course we shall- it's me.

  •  At home, DIY pumpkin spice coffee (mmm...)
  • How I sometimes successfully fit exercise into my busy schedule- watering (see below), kids' sports, grading papers, etc.
  • A gift for my neighbor with the greenest thumb in town... and the biggest heart-  She's amazing and should charge admission to see her flower beds.  I'm so thankful she's shared so many plants with me this season.  How many?  For starters, 18 hostas.   Yes, I said for starters.  I also said 18.  A gift- yes, I'd be a jerk not to say that.


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