Tuesday, November 20, 2012

9 Things You Forgot This Thanksgiving Season

All over Facebook I see posts about what my friends are thankful for each day- friends, family, the nineties… Okay, maybe not the nineties, but they should be thankful for that decade.  Hammer Pants, poofy bangs, great sitcoms…  Where would we be this time of year without a reminder about Festivus and the Airing of Grievances?!  

Occasionally, we get a reminder that life is about the little things, right?   Of course, I’m incredibly thankful that I don’t have to look far at all to find a thousand  big things that are truly blessings in my life, but I bet you’ve taken some great little things for granted.  Consider these:

-Kiwi-  A fruit that IS its own bowl?!  Just cut, and scoop.  C’mon.  That’s awesome.
-sweatpants, yoga pants and all elastic waistbands- My pregnancies (and, well, every day) made me gain quite an appreciation for these.

-Ketchup-  I fit in great at the kids’ table.  I’ll declare my love for it in any five-star restaurant without reservation.  (Yeah, I’m thankful for puns… even bad ones.)

-One-Hit-Wonders   You know you like to jam out to these… and it makes your day, too!  Don’t deny it.  I’ve seen you …

-miniature chocolate candy-  I’d rather eat ten miniature Heath bars than one regular sized one.  I don’t know why, but I’m thankful for them.

-words that are fun to say- “Indubitably”  and “anomaly” are two good ones.

-cheap wine that still comes with a cork-  I just feel a bit classier without a screw top when I offer it to friends. 

-Nice pens- My appreciation for a good pen is a bit ridiculous.  It’s the combination of smooth writing, a good weight, no-smear ink, etc.  It just makes for a good day of work.

-Reruns- Reba, The Cosby Show, Friends, Golden Girls, Seinfeld, Fresh Prince--- See why people should appreciate the 90’s more?

Happy Thanksgiving!      

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