Thursday, July 26, 2012

Not So Glowing Review: Glow Stick Glow Jar Fail

Do not try this at home.  Well, not the way I did anyway. While on Pinterest, I saw this: 
"Fireflies in a Jar" Night Lantern
Awesome, right?  Kids would love it, right?  I saved 4 spaghetti sauce jars and a $1 pack of glow bracelets with this plan in mind.  I read the package of bracelets and there was nothing about the glow sauce being toxic, so I offered it up the next time we had friends over at night. 

The whole even took about 10 minutes start to finish and the kids were really excited about trying it.  We (the other mom and I) spread paper towels out on the table, had one pair of kitchen scissors, two 7 year olds and two 4 year olds.  After going over the possible mutations this stuff could cause, I showed them what we were going to do.

I activated one, cut the end, stuck it in the jar and shook/ sprinkled it around.  It looked pretty cool.  Then, I cut more bracelets for each of the kids to try and my friend and I each helped the kids as they went.  We were BUSY.  2 pairs of scissors for the adults would’ve been optimal.  Still, we were out of bracelets pretty quickly and other than a quick hazmat issue when someone’s cheek was splattered, it was painless.  

Painless, but still not a passing grade.

That’s because the jars looked a little bare once the splatter ran down the sides.  Perhaps it was because we used 16oz jars.  Perhaps it was due to only having one pack of about 15 bracelets.  Or, perhaps it’s because we didn’t have glitter.  I think each of those are contributing factors.  If I decide to try this again: 
  1.  smaller jars
  2. more bracelets 
  3. add glitter 
  4.  no water
No water?!  Well, I read a comment saying that you could add water and make glowing water.  3 of the 4 kids decided to try it and it just looked like bright Gatorade- wait- Gatorade is bright.  Oh, it just looked like Gatorade.  No worries; no one drank it.  I’m a pretty good mom like that. ;)
Oh well.  You win some, you lose some.  And sometimes you just put possibly toxic liquid on the table for a centerpiece.  The kids were happy and no one was upset when we threw them away.  Maybe it wasn’t such a fail after all. 

Have you tried this?  Ever had glow stick liquid too close to your skin?  I need to know if the sore on my son’s cheek is caused by this stuff.  Kidding, Mom, promise. :)

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