Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A is for Awesome, B is for Busy, C is for Closure

Did you have a letter A day yet?  How’d it go?  It went great here.  Keep in mind, it wasn’t a full day of “all A, all the time,” just a little here and there.  We did almost all of the things from the A-list (even a few bites of asparagus).  The ones we didn’t do, I’ll try to squeeze in tomorrow as a review of A!  Ahh, just go with it and it actually all works out. :)

The boys actually added to the list and I liked that too.  For instance, on their own, they made letter A’s out of sticks and mulch while we were outside.  I love that awareness (appropriate word for an A-day too!) and self-directed activities came just by giving them a theme for the day.
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Let’s move on to B, shall we? Here’s the bullet list for B:  (Did you just roll your eyes at my alliteration?  It’s okay. I did too.)
  •  ABC puzzle again- I think it set us up to work together and review the ABCs for my younger son. It may get old, but it isn’t yet.
  • "B" Scavenger Hunt- This went great today, so I’m rolling with it. My older son ran around looking for items that started with A and my younger son roamed around looking for both capital and lowercase A’s.  I wrote the letters on the kitchen chalkboard and kept an overall tally of how many times they found something. I did tallies as a team type thing even though they were working individually.
  • "B" foods- broccoli, Breakfast of bananas, biscuits (too bad they ate the last ones today and I don’t do those from scratch), bagels, blueberry muffins (I love a quick mix in a box!) or bacon
  • Bubble gum chewing and maybe some bubble blowing?  That should be funny.
  • Bike riding
  • Bendaroos- We just happen to have an unopened box someone gave us. I ’ll see if the kids want to do them.
  • Blowing big bubbles- I’m going to try to string together drinking straws with yarn or pipe cleaners to make large shapes to place in store bought bubble solution.
  • Baby Book or any book donation to a new baby, a friend, a church nursery, library, day care, etc.
  • bouncing birthday- We just happen to have a birthday party to go to at an inflatable place, but you could always do a birthday cake for the letter b,  take your kids to an inflatable place, or just bounce around the yard doing relays or just plain silly stuff.
  • Back to School Shopping- It has to be done sometime...
  • Be nice, Be polite, Be silly, Be ________ - Insert whatever you need for your family!
  • Brothers, Best friends and maybe a little Brain-washing- Though I know my boys love each other, they don’t always show it.  Recently a lady told me that she went to a parenting class years ago and she learned to just tell her kids they were best friends.  Say things like, “Don’t talk to your best-friend like that” or “Best friends don’t do that to each other.”  I’ve bought into it and am trying it.  I don’t really think it’s brain-washing, just helping kids understand things they aren’t old enough to understand yet. Yeah, let’s go with that. :)
How’s that for a list to help you begin your B day?  You could hop over to Angela's blog to see what she did and even ask your kids what ideas they have- kids are pretty creative.  They haven’t let themselves grow out of it yet.  I’m sure we won’t get to everything on this list and that’s okay. I give you permission not to try and do it all also. ;) 
C is for Closure.  Remember that from the title?  I’m letting my teacher-self come out a little.  Close out the learning your kids do when you can.  Wrap it up and put a bow on it, figuratively of course.  We’re all busy and closure doesn’t have to be fancy, just help them process what they learned.   Closure is like putting a lid on the firefly jar so they (the new ideas) don’t fly out.  For example, after my preschooler made his "A" out of sticks, I asked him how he did it.  He had to tell me and re-think his process about how you form the letter with two leaning lines and one straight across. We did a little tonight by reading The Sleepy Little Alphabet and talking about all the letters as we went.  Closure is something I think I’ll always be working on in my classroom and I need to remember it at home too. 
The Sleepy Little Alphabet: A Bedtime Story from Alphabet Town
I love this book. My kids giggle every time at the letters O,P, and U.  Read it and you'll see why.  (No perks for this endorsement, it's just a great read.)
I was serious when I asked if you did letter A day.  I want to know what else you did.  I have dreams of being more organized and maybe doing a more structured version next year!  Help me out! Give me your 2 cents, please.
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