Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Slacker Mom Olympic Gold: ABCs of August

There’s a major slide in kids’ learning over the summer months.  It just happens.  I always have grand ideas in June that I’ll incorporate informal learning into our summer. Of course it will result in my kids reaching genius status.  Then the summer is really here and to an extent I do incorporate fun and informal learning… but not enough. 

Now it’s August and while my almost 2nd grader has been reading here and there this summer, it hasn’t been much. I’ve been even more slack with my preschooler.  That ends now.  No, I’m not starting a home school mini-session prior to school, but we went to the library and my oldest agreed he should read more often to get ready for school.  I think we checked out every children’s book about sharks, snakes, frogs, fish and reptiles in general.  (My kids really like nonfiction. It surprises me.)   

Yes, I made the August to do list and we're working on it, but I wanted to do more. I stumbled on this blog as the inspiration for my own balloon wreath. I was just perusing the posts and saw that she’s been doing an ABCs of Summer series with her kids.  (Oh, this made me feel like a serious slacker mom. Instead of dwelling on it, I’m taking action.)  I quickly counted on my fingers did the math and there are EXACTLY 26 days before the start of school for us.  Oh, sometimes I get lucky! There will be no slacking on the weekends or taking a day off around here!  (I’ve typed it; now I have to do it. Thank you blog-world for making me accountable.)  Wait, there may be slacking in the actual activity department, but I WILL have a letter day each day.  I WILL.  This is NOT going to be like a diet or fitness plan that never works. (Who am I trying to convince?!  You or me?!)
 Here it is.  I now proclaim it to be Letter A Day.  It really is.  It’s currently after midnight (12:11am) and “A” can stand for Astute observations from the sleep deprived.  I’ll run that by the kids when they wake me up.

Agenda for A day:  (See what I did there?  Impressive, I know. I’ve totally embraced this now.)
  • abc puzzle- Gotta start somewhere!
  • Airplane lego building
  • Address memorizing- Do they know it?!
  • Eating “A” foods- asparagus (and they're going to like it), apples
  • Call our Aunts
  • “A” scavenger hunt- How many A’s are around our house?  How many objects can you find that start with A?
  • Addition
  • Arm Yourself! Nerf Gun Battle
  • Annoy, Antagonize, and Aggravate your brother (Really, it's inevitable.)
Whew, I’ll see what else they come up with as they find things around the house that start with A.  We’ll do those too. :)   What do you do to help your kids get back into school mode?  Are you willing to commit to this too?  Please?  There’s strength in numbers… be my numbers. Please.   

Ready for letter B? Go here.

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  1. I can't wait for the call our "Aunts" part!!!

  2. How fun. So, will tomorrow be a list of B's?

    1. I'm working on it right now :) I hope to have it up tonight! Thanks for commenting and keeping me accountable here!