Thursday, August 9, 2012

Constantly Crazy- Letters C, D, & E-

C could stand for Committed (not the crazy kind) to the alphabet challenge  because despite how busy we were for B day, we still had an official day for it.  The kids even showed their commitment to blending B and C days by driving me bonkers and crazy a few times.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to do a lot of activities, but we did talk about the letter B quite a bit.  My youngest was still pointing out the letter B while we were out in a store.  Who cares if one of the ones he pointed out was a number 8?!  It was cute and I was proud of him.  There were a few times that he said something was “b-b-b-busted” or the like. :) 
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Starting with C:
  • Creativity!- Give them a box of who knows what kinds of supplies and trinkets. See what they come up with.
  • Camp Out- (under a fort to play, for the night outside in a tent to sleep, etc.)
  • Card Games
  • Candy or Candyland… or make a Candyland Cake!  I’ve seen some cute ones from a Google image search, but haven’t tried our own yet.
  • Ceramics- Have you ever taken your kids to a paint your own ceramics place before?  I’m working on a post from when we recently did.  It took about 1.5-2 hours.  If you’re unsure about the attention span for your kids, bring reinforcements (another mom and her kids or a grandparent).
  • Carve a bar of soap with a plastic knife-  Adorn it with anything you want.
  • Cars- Watch the  movie, race some Hot Wheels, make a tape-line track around your house and over the couch.
  • (Roller) Coasters
  • Cloud Watching- What a great opportunity for creativity!
  • Can Phone- Make sure the string you tie is tight so it will work.
  • Clay
  • Costumes
  • Crab Races
  • Catch- Just go outside and play catch… simple and fun. 
  • Corn Hole
  • Count Cash- This is something they worked on in 1st grade and it won’t hurt to review it.  Do it while playing store or something.  Gather up your play money after renaming your kitchen to give it a restaurant name and charge the kids for snacks/ lunch. 
  • Construction Site- Go visit one or use their toys and run one in the yard.  My boys could do this for hours.
  • Catapult- Make one out of sticks, foam pieces, straws, whatever!
  • C Foods- Cookies, Cantaloupe, Corn, Cucumber, Cereal, Cinnamon, Cinnamon rolls, Cobbler
Don’t think you’ll get to all of those?  Yeah, me neither.  Here’s what I’ve come up with for D: 
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  • Doughnuts
  • Dinosaurs
  • Dig- Combine dinosaurs and dig by buying one of those dino eggs at Michael’s Craft Store for $2 each.  They’re awesome.  Be prepared to do them outside because they’re messy and take a bit of time.
  • Draw- Draw dinosaurs? Draw diggers?  I’m on a kick with the alliteration.
  • Dust- Yes, dust the house. Of course, this means you can’t use the dust to practice writing the letters. ;) They’ll hate the letter D forever. I'm okay with that
  • Dance  
Hmm, D is pretty short.  I’ll keep thinking on that one.
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And to get you through the weekend, let’s end with E:
  • English Muffins
  • England- Throw in a little history lesson or count the medals they had in the Olympics.
  • Exercise
  • Envelope- Learn to address it properly.  As an 8th grade teacher I can tell you that email and texting have eaten this knowledge up.  If you have older kids, test them on it.  Can they do it?!  I was floored when I realized this one day at school.  They didn’t know what went where or even what went on it at all.  I’m still surprised by that.  The best part of this tangent… they were a group of kids being tapped for the Jr. Beta Club… smart kids who didn’t know how to address an envelope.
  • Ears- Play a listening game where you close your eyes and have to guess what the other person has in their hand just by listening to the description.
  • Elephants and Elephant Ears (Yum! Plus, you’ve already exercised so eat up and enjoy!)
  • Ears of corn
There ya go!  Those are my ideas, what do you think?  Please share any other ideas you have in the comments to help me out!

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